Your Daily Kitty Would Like To Give Everyone A Heads Up

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5 Responses

  1. watson42 says:

    I hope the next project is big – and lucrative!

    It’s been a weird day in these parts – rumors of all kinds but I think I am staring down the barrel of layoffs.

    What with Trump, maybe I should start looking for jobs abroad….

  2. Tenar Darell says:

    Ooh. Looking forward to hearing about the project. Congratulations for the whatever it is.

    I’m just waiting for the week to be over already. My father is old, and getting older all the time, like daily at this point. It’s like trudge, then trudge again, then something else happens… Really this process sucks, & even knowing what’s happening doesn’t help emotionally some days.

  3. jharper2 says:

    Best of good fortune for the Big Project. I will be waiting for the grand reveal