Food Network Goes Overboard with Food Network Star: Kids

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2 Responses

  1. Dana Bisson says:

    I completely agree about the kiddie fluff and Tia Mowry. I also agree that there is much more at stake for the adults. We love to root for those trying to get enough money for culinary school or to successfully start or expand a restaurant. It is just simply boring to watch these little kids fulfill their parents’ dreams and play in the kitchen & in front of the camera. While they may have great starts, the time to share it with the world is not now.

  2. Dale says:

    I am not a fan of the kids cooking thing. First of all I do not believe that all these kids are so fully aware of their spices etc nor do I believe the kids are really doing this for themselves more to make mommy and daddy wake up and notice. I am not a fan of the kids cooking, I watch foodnetwork to learn from the professionals. If I wanted to watch a bunch of kids, I would switch to Disney, Nickolodean or some other kid programming so I can watch the kids. We put this out there basically force the public to watch it or find something else to watch then wonder why we have all these adults with active “interests in kids”, hmmmm when will society wake up. Sorry you asked for my comments you have them.