Your Daily Kitty Is Reaching For The End of the Week

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4 Responses

  1. watson42 says:

    It’s been a long day of meetings, meetings, meetings. I still have work to do but then it’s off to the gym. I need it!

    We’re definitely into summer now – it’s in the 90s today and promises to get hotter as the week goes on. Ack!

  2. Nora Munro says:

    Friday is just beyond the tips of my paws …

    It’s working on being hotter than the hinges of home-made hell, as my grandmother used to say.

    I am sardonically amused by all the people concern trolling RBG for “eroding trust” in SCOTUS as an apolitical institution with her remarks on Trump. Hello, were you all watching the court in the year 2000?

    • watson42 says:

      Don’t get me started on the “apolitical” SCOTUS. All you’d need to do is read the text of some of the decisions/opinions….like in 2000, the majority opinion in Bush v Gore is appalling in its disregard for the electoral process and its “nyeh nyeh” sneering tone.

      In other news, I saw three guys nearly get run over last night as they were chasing down something in Pokemon Go. Lordy.