Your Daily Kitty Was Our Vacation Fling

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4 Responses

  1. jharper2 says:

    The vacation cat is almost the reverse or negative of the Home Panfurs!

    Tea Geelery. My tea came today! Canada Post is threatening to lock out the posties on Friday, but my tea came today! My 1/2lb (250g) of 2nd flush Darjeeling that they have phased out of the local store can still be ordered online while supplies last. I love the mellow rich flavours and shall miss it when it is gone. And some Earl Grey of course. And Peppermint Amour because it is good on its own and even better with Black Tea.
    And a treat. Wild Yunnan; picked, allegedly, from wild tea bushes in Yunnan province.
    And three single serve tasters of loose tea.
    And four blankety-blank 100g tea tins. If you order 100g of a single tea, you get a tea tin, whether you want it or not. So I have 4 tins to add to the others I am not using because I have lots of tea tins.
    Come visit some time and I will make you some tea and sent you home with a tea tin (silver) to boot.

    • watson42 says:

      Tea! I could use a tea tin or two. I bought myself a small Chinese teapot in Montreal over the weekend. I can’t wait to use it. I didn’t buy any tea because we didn’t have time to taste any that afternoon, unfortunately.

      I am looking for a new Darjeeling, since the place where I used to buy my tea has changed their supply chain. Now their tea is pretty unremarkable, which is hugely disappointing. So I’ve been trying to find a good replacement, which has been unsuccessful.

      • jharper2 says:

        When David’s Tea runs out of their Darjeeling I don’t know what I will do. The other tea merchants in town don’t have good stuff. I understand that Davids can’t get the supply they want right now and have lost another Indian Tea, that I wanted to try. Once a year for the last couple they have had a supply of First Flush that as so rich and amber that it had to be tasted to be believed.
        Oh for the days when a Red Rose tea bag satisfied. Although for bags it is really pretty good.

  2. Nora Munro says:

    welcome back!

    I didn’t have a fling, with a cat or otherwise, while I was away, but V-like-Vandal is shouting at me like I did.

    Captain Longtail will forgive me for a full can of fishy food but I have to stand in the kitchen and watch him while he eats.