Your Daily Kitty is Sad

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10 Responses

  1. Nora Munro says:

    I’m there with you. This is baffling and disheartening in the extreme, not just what it means for Britain, but what it will mean for the U.S.

    I need tea.

  2. Nora Munro says:

    In more funky news, yesterday The Rumpus posted this great piece about Prince: Prince Rogers Nelson, Guitar Player: A Symposium. There are lots of videos linked in it, some of which have already disappeared from YouTube. I was able to track this one down, which I’m going to share in the hopes you guys get to see it before it too vanishes:

    • jharper2 says:

      I am glad to hear this on this morning. The only thing that tempers it of course is that 2016 took Prince as it has taken so much.
      And I fear that the first half of 2016 was the better half.

      • Nora Munro says:

        Yes, 2016 needs to go home; it’s drunk and trashing the place.

        If you click through to the article I linked, be sure also to check out “Blues in C (If I had a harem)” which is very much Prince as I want to remember him: cheeky and smiling and unabashedly virtuosic.

  3. J E Gardner says:

    Kitty missed the bus to Glastonbury

  4. jharper2 says:

    A few days ago, Ani retweeted something to this effect
    History of Europe
    War War War War War War War War War War War War
    Quarrels about bananas.
    Well, England, yes England not Britain, has chose War.
    This worries me much more than the Rise of Trump and Trump was bad enough. I worry that we are at the end of a time of upheaval and headed for a global cataclysm.
    It is 1937 or 1938 all over again.

  5. watson42 says:

    I’m glad y’all are here. I’m so demoralized by everything right now.

  6. Tenar Darell says:

    It was surreal yesterday dealing with my aged Dad falling, a trip to the hospital, and the brexit at the same time. Today I’m just numb & exhausted & FML really.

    Current status: Looks like my Dad got lucky with only bumps, bruises, scrapes and a cut above an eyebrow which needed stitches. And I got to find out he was hiding a couple of things that need addressing. I dunno, maybe it’s an omen? (Yeah, pitiful reaching, /sigh)