Superhero Soup: Marvel and DC Roundup

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  1. darththulhu says:

    Don’t worry too much about the weirdness of Dr. Strange’s mysticism. The feel of all that stuff is very much in the “techie” feel of Ant-Man and Thor. “Magic” is just handwaving for stuff they don’t want to have boring-physics answers … much like the infinity stones.

    Much like the “magic” of Thor’s hammer “just works just so”, and the physics-defying shrinking-and-growth of Ant-Man/Giant-Man “just works just so”, and the rainbow-bridge-teleporting of Heimdall’s keyblade “just work just so” … Dr. Strange is all about empowering a handful of mystic trinkets that “just work just so”.

    It keeps a lid on the weirdness. The cloak just works a certain way. The eye-amulet-clasp just works a certain way. If they present it properly, it is much less confusing in practice than it is in theory.