John Oliver on the Brexit

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1 Response

  1. Darth Thulhu says:

    This is quite possibly the single least-convincing Oliver piece I have ever seen. Incredibly disappointing.

    The first four minutes are effectively pro-Brexit. Staying out of the ongoing Euro disaster was a brilliant idea, everyone enjoys watching distant arrogant bureaucrats get bashed, and saying that Boris Johnson is “wrong” in that it’s only $190 million pounds per week isn’t exactly making the EU sound like a bargain.

    Then he makes a few quasi-effective attacks on some Leave points, without ever once offering a positive Remain point.

    Then there is the lead balloon crashing to ground of “the Austrian rapper” wanting Britain to stay, which is, again, effectively a pro-Brexit argument.

    Then there’s literally three minutes worth of self-sabotaging ad hominem attacks on cherry-picked Leave people, implying that only racists would ever be in favor of Leave.

    Then he completely undermines his argument by saying that Brexit won’t actually change much, and will be more of a Bromeostasis instead … then instantly calls it “insane” without explaining why Bromeostasis would be any kind of real problem.

    Then he slams several European countries, gives an example of horrific Eurocratic bureaucratic excrescence-in-video, and a song saying “F-you Europe”. Again: pro-Brexit, over and over and over.

    There’s never once any actual evidence for Remain at all, just raw assertion and a brief handwaving about experts, without ever presenting any of the arguments of those experts. Not once.

    Lazily saying “we’d be screwed”, and “we’d be batshit crazy”, without ever once providing a single piece of supporting evidence, is the definition of an unconvincing and irrational argument by emoting. Oliver’s piece probably helped Leave significantly more than it helped Remain. This entire thing is vastly beneath him.