Project Runway: All Stars “Baroque-n”

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2 Responses

  1. shay says:

    Just about all of these looks were a mess gurl……. They finally sent Mitchell home for a very deserving disaster……… I do like Coco, she doesn’t bother me, but that outfit looked like some scrubs (the ones that have those festive patterns on them).
    Poor Alyssa always usually gets the worst wardrobe. I remember how edgy & beautiful she was on Charmed… She still has been looking worlds better than anything Miss Klum has worn here recently. But I was living for Zanna’s fancy white sweat shirt during the walk through (she was giving me Reba in the 90’s.. Does He Love U? Like He Loves Me??… or Sally Fields in Steel Magnolias Realness!!)
    I can go on & on about my fav reality show lol….
    But I wanted to mention those safe looks?!?! I actually liked Dom’s Jane Fonda Barbarella look or a Liz Taylor in Cleopatra look; Asha’s Frederick of Hollywood’s Lady of the Night Couture was awful!!!; Or Kini’s umbrella look that has been done on this show several times already (but it was ok from the waste up); Or Emily’s Freak Without a Leash Couture that showed belly button (I HATE to see a belly button in anything involving an evening gown!! NEVER!!)
    But the bottom looks were all bad. Alexander’s gown was soo soo cheap looking; I like Layana’s look but that brown just didn’t make any sense at all towards the bottom of the dress;
    Ken’s look was just ok. It wasn’t anything special. And Sam’s look was the best idea for the challenge, I just think it was more of a Casual Couture Look, Like a Spring Day in Paris; But say what you will, I loved Valerie’s Gown. Yes it was way simple for the challenge, but I loved it for the color & because it was giving me Pride & Prejudice Realness. Wrong Era But Fab Gown!

  2. T.F. Much says:

    I’m not getting what the producers want me to think, do they want me to hate or like Sam? Because I hate his personality and think his looks are overrated by the judges, but the bullying (even though it’s not cause its 100% deserved) edit makes me wonder if he’s getting the underdog winner edit, which I’m praying not to happen. Also, my opinion might be biased but Layana’s look was not bottom 3 worthy, much less bottom 2. I don’t particularly like the brown fabric, but the rest of the look was beautiful. Hoping she, Emily and Dom go far, love their aesthetics!