Downton Abbey: Ever After

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3 Responses

  1. jharper2 says:

    There was a scene very near the end, as the Granthams are processing through the upstairs corridor from Anna’s lying in (two old expressions in one sentence) to the New Year’s celebration that was poignant.
    They are remarking on all the changes they have been put through in the past 14 years, and give a sigh of relief that all seems settled in the family and that all have husbands and All’s Well that End’s Well.
    Bonneville and McGovern bring a special something to the scene, relieved that the upstart fellow Baron Fellowes will now be leaving them alone.

  2. jharper2 says:

    I was readingon the weekend a fascinating book published by the National Trust called.”Life Below Stairs In the Victorian and Edwardian Country House.”
    It contains all kinds of snippets, including the fact that the larger country houses, installed internal telephone systems for communication within the house and with stables, dairy, etc. These operated decades before there was a rural telephone grid to connect to.
    Many of the Country Lords were early adopters of new technology when it would make their lives easier and give them a whizz bang factor over their neighbours, who then would have to install to keep up with the Lord Joneses.
    I thought back to Carson being befuddled by the telephone installation in an early season, and thought that the only novelty IRL would have been the outside connection as Downton would likely have been wired for phones at the same time electricity was added.

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