Your Daily Kitty Says No, MY Box

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6 Responses

  1. jharper2 says:

    Since buying my new computer with the hated Win10 (ptui) I have contracted a miserable cold.
    Thanks Windows 10

  2. Nora Munro says:

    2016 continues to be a terrible year for musical legends. Yesterday we lost the great Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind & Fire. He was 74.

    In his memory, here is some Friday Funk.

  3. watson42 says:

    I was thinking last night about Tenar Darell’s post regarding parents and needing to allocate more space for self-care. I’m at that age where I and most of my peers are dealing with aging parents (and kids growing up!). It doesn’t leave a lot of room or time.
    When my aunt was sick (and then dying), my cousin and I took care of her, and tried to keep her business going while holding down our jobs. One thing that got us through, I think, is that we tried to always sit down at some point at night, and just be quiet. Not plan, not review the latest from the doctor or the client phone calls, or whatever. We would take 30 minutes and eat take out, and just sit. Often we wouldn’t even talk. But we were together, trying to create a little peace together. I think I need to relearn that lesson….

    • Nora Munro says:

      I feel that. I have an additional challenge in that Mr Bear, an extrovert, does not fully grasp that when I, an introvert, say “I need some down time” that includes from him, too.

      Of course he’s also the guy, who, when I complained that I do three things: take Mom to doctors’ appointments, go grocery shopping, and go to work, decided the solution was to take me to the Burger King drive-through for dinner. Bless him, he means well …