Downton Abbey: Let It Bleed

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5 Responses

  1. jharper2 says:

    Chamberlain’s appeasement of Countess Cora and Dowager Countess Violet goes as well as Chamberlain’s appeasements do.
    And Mosley and Baxter get a happy ending.
    And Patmore and Mason get a happy ending
    And Daisy and Andrew get a happy ending.
    And Spratt and Denker squabble happily ever after.
    And Bates and Anna get a happy baby who is not murderous at all
    And Marigold gets a daddy.
    And Mary gets a lover
    And who would have thought the old man had so much blood in him.

  2. jharper2 says:

    Now that Downton is ending, Fellowes needs a new gig. This was his audition episode for Game of Thrones.
    The Red Wedding
    The Purple Wedding
    The Banquet of Blood.

  3. Galaxy Jane says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one whose mind immediately jumped to Mr. Creosote when Robert had his collapse.

  4. ellenandjim says:

    To be honest, the first time I saw it I was started into shock, and my emotions rose strongly and I felt strongly upset; but if a movie has real depth in it and has earned belief, adherence, the second time through should be stronger as you notice more. Well the second time through I felt indifference; the contrived nature of the scene once the shock wore off and especially since Fellowes had relied on this melodrama. I could see how it neatly ties up with the hospital debate in such a way as the Dowager must lose. Then Lady Mary waking up was a final hitting of a gong so late the dinner has gone rotten and cold long since.

    Not all series lose all energy and expose themselves as this one is doing. The older Onedin Line lasted 9 years and ended (it’s said) because the chief male star had had it. It was enormously liked for the whole of the decade (1971-80).

  1. February 10, 2016

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