Your Daily Kitty Is Recovering

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9 Responses

  1. jharper2 says:

    I trust that all in kitty’s household are recovering.

  2. jharper2 says:

    An owl to go with your daily pussycat.
    Traffic Camera footage from the Ministere de Transport du Quebec via the Globe and Mail.

  3. jharper2 says:

    Contrary to my usual practice, I am reading The Hunger Games books as (after) I see the movies. Mockingjay Part Deux was surprisingly good for such a forgotten dismal movie (though only Fox could make a jolly movie about a nation slaughtering its children).
    The book is much deeper. Reading from the middle I am reminded about how deep Katniss’s inner dialogue is, and how both rebels and Capital ruthlessly use a 17 year old girl.

    Kings of the North by Cecelia Holland. Last of the Corbin books It is set in the England of Ethelred Redeless, and combines history with some serious magical elements in a very original way. No dragons, but excellent writing. Each book in the Corbin cycle is written in a different manner and all are excellent. This may turn out to be my favourite.

    Empires of Cotton. Cotton growing and use through the centuries. Fortunes were made collecting, transporting, spinning and selling cotton, but those who grew it or worked in the mills had a pretty uniformly ugly time.

    • watson42 says:

      The Hunger Games books were good, but seriously messed up (that is, the whole concept of that world is horrifying but altogether too plausible). The thing I particularly liked about Mockingjay was its depiction of Katniss trying to emotionally navigate her situation, and how it portrayed her (everyone’s, really) PTSD.

      Speaking of PTSD, while I was sick over the holiday, I took the opportunity to start watching “Jennifer Jones” on Netflix. I quite like it, though contrary to many of my friends, I am preferring it in small doses rather than binge watching.

    • Nora Munro says:

      I haven’t read the Hunger Games books at all, nor have I watched the movies. I don’t know why, but I am absolutely uninterested in them.

      My Twelfth Night indulgence was some yarn I didn’t really need and a new crockpot. I have some beef stew working in the latter right now.

      • watson42 says:

        Mmmm, beef stew sounds divine. A new crockpot is a great idea. I also need a new food processor – my old one broke. Alas, I have spent too much money lately.

        • Nora Munro says:

          I caught a post-Christmas clearance at the crockpot web site and got a very fancy one (digital timer! keep warm function!) for less than $100. Also my old one was 15-20 years old, the lid was cracked, and they don’t make replacement lids that fit it anymore. So perhaps it was not such a great indulgence, but there it is, all shiny and chrome glass and stainless steel, and it feels like a present, so there.

          It’s not as cold today as it was yesterday or the day before but it’s definitely stew weather.

  4. ellenandjim says:

    MItzi smiles a lot. She is happy chez vous.