Downton Abbey: The Last Days of Downton

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3 Responses

  1. jharper2 says:

    When Lady M was bemoaning the price of blackmail too much at 1000 pounds, I half expected Anna to offer that she and Mr Bates could make Blackmail (and Blackmailer) disappear for only a hundred, all work guaranteed.
    I also thought that the Cousin Violet, Cousin Isabel sub-plot somewhat half baked just so that they could snipe at one another. The arguments were not really developed so much as just an excuse for the sniping.

  2. JustMeMike says:

    To JHarper – yes, Violet and Isobel will snipe to the very end. For them it is the verbal equivalent of the cup of morning coffee that we may enjoy. I also think it is the lone source of humor in the series. As in Violet is funny, Lady Cora is not.

    To Anibundel – I also think that this season’s victim will be Lady Edith. Certainly there is a price to pay for snatching the child from first the Schroders, then the Drewes.

    As for the direction of the overall show – wasn’t it obvious from the very first? As a period piece that so often went to lengths to drop in factual historical figures and events to create a historical reality for these fictional people, it seems that none of us should either be shocked or saddened if and when Downton is sold off, and the Crawley’s find their places elsewhere.

    I mean after all – didn’t Lady Cora’s mother, Martha Levinson, state that she had a ‘what they call a cottage on Newport’s Bellevue Avenue’. Most of those cottages, aka Newport Mansions, many of which are the size of Downton, were either granted outright or sold for mere pennies on the dollar to the Preservation Society of Newport.

    I recall saying, after visiting a few of those Newport mansions – Can you imagine the size of the electric bill?

    I do agree with your opening remark that after Season One, Downton had no direction possible other than downward. Still, Fellowes has kept the show afloat, to our enjoyment and pleasure, and with or without Maggie Smith’s emphatic, I should say not – all things have a time and place. And all things end.

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