Your Daily Kitty Is Exhausted

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5 Responses

  1. jharper2 says:

    Nora Munro: Following up there is not a limit to the number of cats one can take to vacation in Mexico, it is just that above three the paperwork and inspection regime becomes much more onerous. It is almost as though the Mexican Govt has decided that three is a reasonable number of cats for one household and that more is deserving of greater scrutiny.

    From cats to birds. There are two bird feeders in the back yard which I used to fill in the morning. I switched to afternoon filling when I realized from the noise that there were other feeders filled by morning people. So I took to filling in the afternoon, and the birds would show up between 1:30 and 2:00 pm and start making feed us noises. Today I put the food out early because I was collected the wheelie bin (lovely Aussie-ism) from the back lane. I put out one at 11:00 and the other at 11:30. No action until 12:30 when the early birds appeared and the main flock didn’t show until 1:30.

    Yesterday was colonoscopy day. As usual the worst part was the prep, specifically the “low residue” diet prescribed for 2 days before. White bread,only ground meat, no spices, no vegetables or caffeine or seeds or fruits with skin or pulp or any juices with pulp. It is a nutritionist’s nightmare. But all went well, and I got a clean and clear bill of intestinal health and I don’t need to redo this for five years!
    And I met one of my nurses from Dialysis who is working endoscopy now. Had a very nice chat.

    • Nora Munro says:

      Re: cats: That seems like a practical limit if not a legal one.

      Also, yay for clean bills of health.

      My mom has her first doctor’s appointment after chemo tomorrow. I’m expecting it to be a good one since she handled the chemo well and bounced back quickly. It is possible that the doc will adjust the dose based on blood work but we’ll see.

    • watson42 says:

      Yay for clean bills of health! It seems to be the week for doctors, as I will find out if I get this aircast off my leg…