Your Daily Kitty Surveys Her Friends List

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2 Responses

  1. watson42 says:

    It very much looks like November outside. I might actually start believing that winter is coming. (Noooooo…)

    I am going to a potluck get together over the weekend and am contemplating what to bring. Maybe I should try making flapper pie.

    • jharper2 says:

      Winter is coming, some day. The skies are overcast and the clouds are low; the temperatures are night below freezing.
      There is still no snow on the ground, no rain, and the temp pokes above freezing, even if only just.
      Flapper pie is a good idea, but the custard must have time to set up, otherwise it is a soupy mess. Date squares are good too. And you can’t go wrong with a hearty soup.