Your Daily iCat is Recharging

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4 Responses

  1. jharper2 says:

    Did you try turning it off and back on again?

  2. jharper2 says:

    When charged, turn it off and then on again to reboot. She will run around the house providing hours of fun for humans trying to sleep.

  3. jharper2 says:

    16 days after our election the new Canadian Federal Government was sworn in this morning.
    Pretty competent sounding bunch, with representation from each province and from a variety of backgrounds, including an Afghan refugee and a Para -Olympian. Also equal numbers of women and men.
    Posting link so I can brag on the savvy we have in our new govt.

    Also different kinds of cabinet jobs than many countries.
    That’s me.
    Proud today..

  4. jharper2 says:

    After charging iCat will provide hours of non-stop entertainment for humans trying to sleep.