Project Runway Season 14: Finale Part 1

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1 Response

  1. shay says:

    I had high hopes for these designers because I like most of their stuff all season. I have enjoyed this season as well. But I did not like any, I mean any of these looks at all. Super disappointed.
    The only one I kinda liked was Candice’s black jacket. I have loved Kelly & Edmond all season long. But Kelly has progressed her style to become trashy chic. Her stuff is for the Kesha & Rihanna & Miley girls. But those 3 outfits were just plain trashy. I hate hate hate those bell bottoms. I don’t mind a fanny pack (but we all know that Prada makes the cutest fanny packs). And poor Edmond, his collection looked thrown together with no inspiration what so ever. Ruffle dresses?? Really?? So fugly. LOL And finally Ashley, whom I am sure is crying right now, had 3 of the same outfits just on different big beautiful gurls. And those flowers were the worst OMG. Why take away the focus makes no sense to me.