Fans Threaten to Boycott Game of Thrones, Take Two

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8 Responses

  1. Great post. You make me want to read the books! Books are so internal and for me the feelings more intense. I don’t understand the urge to stop watching though. I’m more intrigued than ever how things will develop. There is so much depth to GOT. Granted, killing off most of the Starks was a huge development, but there’s still a few Starks left, interesting ones to boot. I’m interested how the Lannisters will react. Will they be smug and joyful? Become over confident (not that they don’t have the right to be pretty confident.)? The Lannisters are more likely to bring themselves down it seems to me. Just a guess.

  2. I want to watch it MORE and read it MORE. Thanks for this great perspective!!

  3. OhKen says:

    I haven’t read the books, and I don’t get HBO, but I’m pretty well resigned to the fact that I’m going to know too much about it before I see the next season on DVD… although I have to admit that really the only reason I keep watching is for Peter Dinklage. Wouldn’t he make a great next Doctor? Yeah, I know it would never happen, but…..

  4. keke says:

    TV Fans threatening to never watch again are similar to book fans who throw the book or put it down for a few days. TV Fans will be back, it is just a moment of venting, not to mention many people on twitter have a flair for drama (everyone wants to be heard). It will be fine, cut us some slack and allow us this moment of anger and rage. We love the show!

    I have not read the books, I’m working on it but I obsess over the show, I watch each episode twice and with closed caption on so that I am clear on the dialogue. Honestly, I knew Robb had it coming, it was apparent once he married Talisa. It was only a matter of time but I never expected it to happen at a FREAKING WEDDING! That was just wrong and the entire scene hurt my feelings, it was dreadful. (I am invested in the TV Stark family even though it’s clear that they don’t stand a chance outside of Winterfell).

    But no matter how hurt or angry we get, we are really invested in this show. It is the best tv show since The Wire IMO, it is brilliant! No one is safe…and that honestly makes the story more engaging cause I have been on pins and needles for all of my favorite characters.

  5. Dupe70 says:

    I have been responding to people on twitter and blogs and wherever that the Red God will have his vengeance. They seem to ignore me. Oh well. The best part of these books and the TV series is that no one is safe. It makes you truly afraid for all the characters you care about because you know GRRM may just decide to do something horrible to them as part of the story.

  6. Found you through the Jon Swift post at Vagabond Scholar– I *love* the line “Every time you ask about the next book, GRRM kills a Stark.” 🙂

  7. I guess someone should have warned them he was writing a zombie apocalypse with vast quantities of rape torture and abuse.

  8. nvnikki says:

    I just don’t enjoy it anymore. GOT was one of my all time favorite TV shows. Truly it was/ is a “Production” and I have great respect for it. But the death of Jon Snow was kind of it for me … I do find a few characters still interesting but the way it was done was so poor … also, there are not enough characters that I want to root for any more … I’ve just lost interest because so many of my favorite characters don’t have anywhere left to go … I really had high hopes for the ‘Stark offspring” … and where did the Wolves go???? Much of what intriqued me about the “Production” was the character development and interaction … when you keep killing everyone that kind of kills that … I’ve canceled my HBO subscription … I only had it for GOT … I will not be watching again … I am not officially “boycotting” … I just don’t like the direction they took it … do not enjoy it any longer and think that the producers / writers / miscalculated this immensely … but we will see…. Hey, they had really poor casting with the Dr. Who series change a couple of years ago… fans hated it … still complain and many still watch … I haven’t watched in years because the character changed so much that it was a different person .. and therefore, an entirely different show. … BBC miscalculated and are paying the price … so we’ll have to see with GOT. I’m done … and sad. I’m disabled and bed-bound so I really love it when I can find something with such quality to watch and care about watching … but I will not be back to even peek at GOT next season … or from here on out …