Project Runway All Stars Season 2: Fatigued

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  1. koolaide says:

    OMFG. AR’s dress was horrible. TERRIBLE. Should have sent him home. HOME. The fact that the dress received ANY praise AT ALL is wrong. Georgina at least says the design is wrong but still can’t bring herself to say it is the worst dress. And Issac? STFU.

    Once again, the Coast Guard gets forgotten. There are 5 branches of military, PR. Five. There are female Coast Guard vets, PR.

  2. koolaide says:

    Ok. Now that I’ve gotten all that out of my system, I went back to your recaps to see how AR did last time he faced a “real women” challenge. And I saw that Josh won the challenge that time, too. Weird, huh? Does Josh just needs an outside himself/his goals reason to edit?

    AR? His wasn’t horrible but wasn’t best, either. But the woman he was designing for appeared (to my eyes) as not having any particular areas he really needed to design for (eg not an overall larger woman, not a busty woman, not a woman with larger hips).

  3. j_luck says:

    Man, AR’s dress is TERRIBLE. Like whoa.