Project Runway Season 10: Top 10 Overlooked Outfits

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1 Response

  1. Darth Thulhu says:

    No arguments with these. Dmitry really has been getting constantly robbed, hasn’t he?

    If you are looking for “three writing samples” to submit and shop around, I would suggest giving this piece a Grammar Nazi pass and save it as a best sample of your fashion and reality TV work. It demonstrates both skillful judgment and graceful tact.

    First, this piece shows constant active judgment across a broad swath of time. This is a unique, personal, convincing “Best of” analysis of an entire season of diverse designs. You demonstrate that you have been paying deep attention, but moreover, you demonstrate that you have a wealth of thoughtful insights to persuasively share with your readers.

    Secondly, this piece extends a great deal of warmth and generosity to designers you frequently neither like nor agree with. You have had many issues with Ven and Melissa and Nathan, yet this piece treats several such designs with thoughtful grace. A key question for any prospective reader is “Do I want to hear more from this writer?” Kind disagreement and fair treatment go a huge way to making someone want to read more, and this piece has both of those traits in spades.

    If you wished to edit this beyond a grammar sweep, my only recommendation would be extending more grace toward Christopher, who mostly isn’t on this list but who is rather clearly the Reigning Overrated Designer in your analysis of robberies. Specifically, I would recommend softening the capslock treatment when expressing your preference for Dmitry’s Rockette design over Christopher’s, and finding ways to make Christopher’s repeated elevation more clearly an issue of poor choices on the part of the ProjRun judges and less about bashing Christopher’s designs themselves.

    Readers in it for the lomg haul will generally appreciate it when you are punching up rather than down, and in reality TV adjudication, that means a critical focus on your fellow judges more than on the contestants vying for your attention. Warmth for the struggling contestants, even when they are unjustly victorious, would serve any featured writing sample well.

    All that said, I very much enjoyed your analysis here. Thank you for all that you do.