Project Runway Fashion Sampler Spring 2013 RTW

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  1. koolaide says:

    Too many to parse!! Why so many, Lifetime? And then I have to decide whether you’re throwing curveballs w/ the pics to try an trick us 😉

    Without thinking, my gut says Sonjia is #2 and Fabio #4. But that’s b/c #2 has some color and #4 has that er relaxed flowy thing he likes. And #3 could be Dimitry b/c jersey dresses. After that, I have to think about the designers & their preferences. And did you put the last dress w/ the folding in to throw us away from Ven as a trick? So um, I’ll get back to you?

  2. koolaide says:

    ok. there is no way that last dress is Ven. So, um Christopher or Gunnar? I’m really struck by those white pants in #5. Who would do those? Not Elana or Gunnar and I’ve assigned the others. So that leaves Ven or Melissa who I want to call Michelle or maybe Christopher but I’ve used him as a guess already. I can’t decide which pic is angry Elana (I’m saying angry b/c I don’t see her in the top 3)

    Ok. I’d best stop before I embarrass myself further with my terrible guesses.

  3. Darth Thulhu says:

    OK. I haven’t watched the show, only read the recaps a few times, so some of this may go far afield. This is seriously hard. I think I can nail Ven and Elena, winnow out Christopher, then pair off the other two ladies (but not which lady is which). The last three, however, are one big muddle for me.

    I was hoping for obvious origami-rose from Ven, but he apparently mixed it up a bit. That said, whatever crazy texturing is going on with the pants in #5 screams Ven to me, and the two models in the background look like they are wearing the kind of complicated yet elegant dresses he’s been making. So: Ven for #5.

    Similarly, I would bet money that Elena is #3, because I find it hideously unfeminine and unaesthetic. Everything made by Elena thus far has seriously rubbed raw my sense of making clothes for female bodies. Likewise, the whatever that is in #3 seems designed for a Cylon more than a woman, so I have to give it to Elena.

    I agree with koolaide that #8 is probably Christopher. It’s one of the only complicated layering effects, it definitely isn’t Ven, it is by far the least brash of what remains, and I just don’t see Gunnar doing it or anyone else being capable of it.

    I think #1 and #6 are Melissa and Sonjia, but I can’t say which is which with any true confidence. Both have odd mix-and-matching of portions of the outfit, prominent cutouts, and unusual necklines, so I think the two remaining women are these two lines, because both pieces feature their respective quirks. Gun to my head, Melissa has liked stuff drawing focus to the neck more, so I’m going to give her #1 with the headgear and triangle cutout all pointing neckward.

    For the remaining three, I’m stumped. #2, #4, and #7 are all chunky and bold and architectural and could fit any of the remaining dudes depending on the day. Taking a stab in the dark, since #2 has its crop-circle array on, I am going to give it to Dmitry. Of the remaining two, #7 looks more overdone, so I’ll give it to Gunnar, leaving Fabio with #4.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve got my first 3 right. Beyond that, I expect nothing.