Project Runway Season 10: We Are All Real Women

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  1. koolaide says:

    Ven, I’m over you. Very much over you. I don’t care how nice your other designs were & how much I liked you before. We’re done. Now I have to figure out who might be able to beat you and that I can stomach cheering for. Sonjia?

    I totally agree in having zero idea why Alicia isn’t making things that are in her wheelhouse/style (didn’t she self describe as ‘lesbian chic’ and more androgynous?). No pants! Come on, woman win over Nina w/ your pants. Then you might get more of a pass if something goes really bad. I’m surprised she didn’t end up in the bottom w/ that ugly dress.

    I like Fabio’s dress better than you do. This color blocking is a 100x better than Mila 😉 But the belt/styling completely ruins the look.

  2. koolaide says:

    Also, too. Moar. This episode made me like Gunnar! I very much did NOT like him and his drama self before. Maybe that was just editing. Or posturing for tv competition. Maybe he’s much better w/ actual clients and not in this PR bubble?

  3. Miranda says:

    I completely agree that Gunnar’s dress was not that well-made. I’m glad the client loved it and had a good experience with him, because she obviously did, but I just did not like it at all. I was talking about this with one of my Dish co-workers and she said she thought the only reason he was in the top three was because of how much fun she had walking down the runway. I wasn’t home last night so I couldn’t watch it live like I normally do, but fortunately my Hopper recorded it for me to enjoy as soon as I got back. That way, I wasn’t out of the loop at all when I got to work and was able to participate in the multitude of discussions we had about it. We’re all obsessed with this show.

  4. Gus says:

    Ven = Lerner Shops circa 1970 and not in a good way.

  5. Electronic_Neko says:

    I don’t watch Project Runway, so I’m not familiar with Ven or his previous work. That outfit looks like something you’d find in a plus size mail-order catalog. I just saw an article with comments from his client about how terrible he made her feel. It included a picture of Ven, and I have to say, he doesn’t have a lot of room to critize someone for carrying extra weight.

  6. Marnifer says:

    Before I rip Ven, let’s have a gander at the other designs.

    Elena: Skirt’s okay though simple, but the top is weird. It could have been elegant, but the bottom of the shirt has all those weird folds and angles and makes the client look lumpy. If the shirt finished cleanly with minor details and no ruffle effect, it could have been great.

    Melissa: I hated this. It looks like her client just wrapped a black towel around her after leaving the shower. It didn’t flatter her or elevate her, and the wrap is definitely too long. (Also, we never saw Tim check in with her!)

    Alicia: I don’t understand this dress at all. The color is awful, the fit is worse, and the proportions are ridiculous. Very surprised she wasn’t in the bottom.

    Christopher: Dress is nice but looked better walking the runway. I loved the little jacket!

    Gunnar: I DID enjoy the way he handled his client. He understands how to flatter a girl, has no size prejudice, and makes the client feel understood. It’s unfortunate that doesn’t turn out in the clothing. How did no one else notice how god-awfully asymmetrical the empire waist is, and it’s not on purpose. The whole dress looks crooked, cheap, and silly. The client, on the other hand, was all KINDS of fabulous and I’m glad she felt good.

    Dimitry: This dress is a good idea, but something should have been done to hide the tummy so the look was more flattering. I agree that knee-length would have been better.

    Fabio: I absolutely love this dress. I know you’re not crazy about it, but this is maybe the first color blocking I’ve ever liked. The dress is new, funky, and totally flattering. The necklace was great! I know you hate the belt but I like the color. The boots, however, do not work.

    Sonjia: Oh honey, the proportions here are terrrrrrrrrible. They make a cute short girl look squished and squat. The dress is for an extra on Jersey Shore.

    Skipping to Nathan: Again I say, oh honey. What was he thinking? It screams cheap floozy, but I could also see this on teenage girls at a Bat Mitzvah.

    And, finally, Ven: I am so disappointed. Ven is this fantastic sculptor, and of course not all artists are nice guys, but I was surprised that he turned out to be an asshole. He was a whiny bitch, and he was openly rude about and directly to the client. Completely unprofessional. And now the outfit: Which is a piece of shit. The smock top is a lazy design and it looks cheap. The skirt, which is supposed to be cutely off-kilter, ends up looking like he made it too small and this is how it (badly) fits her. Shame on you, Ven. And double-shame on you for not understanding why you were up there last getting a tongue-lashing, you smug bastard.

  1. January 4, 2013

    […] is the first dress AnthonyRyan has sent down the runway that was actually offensive. Offensive like Ven’s real woman outfit was offensive. Here for a minute, I thought they held off on the real woman challenge to make sure […]