Paul Ryan, Please Call Your Tailor

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  1. taylor16 says:

    You know, his fashion sense really does go well with his adolescent-level political philosophy, when you think about it….

  2. Darth Thulhu says:

    I’m still convinced it is somewhat deliberate. Screen against millionaire attacks by obviously buying off the rack. If any opponent or surrogate makes a stink, throw a Palin-esque punch against shallow elitism. It all helps the pose of “just being a guy” while pursuing policies that are the extreme of far-right aristocracy-enrichment.

  3. jaybee says:

    I wonder if he was ever overweight? I know my weight gain caused me to try to “hide” in bulkier clothes – and that tendency has stuck with me, even after losing the weight again. The man’s an ass, politically, but I do have some sympathy with folks’ beliefs in how they look not matching with reality.

  4. human man says:

    It’s because he’s very well-endowed, and being modest, dresses loosely because he refuses to flaunt it.