Project Runway Season 10: Working Girl

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  1. Ann (aka annprof1) says:

    Love your commentary. I click over every week from TNC’s OTAN. And love your Game of Thrones commentary, too.
    But Ven is a one-way monkey! That line of Dimitry’s got texted all over the US.
    If they were complaining about how the cut-outs wouldn’t transfer to legal, what about the off-the-shoulder number? And as far as being for older clients, if older means 30, then maybe. But my older friend types and I were appalled. No way would we be accenting our arm like that at work. (Or in my case, anywhere.)

    • stephanie says:

      @Ann, I thought the same thing! It would be so inappropriate to bear my arm like that at a business function for Dish. I can’t believe the judges didn’t comment on that! At least they made a good decision with finally eliminating Raul! Now that the bad designers are getting weeded out, this competition is going to start heating up. It looks like my household upgraded our DVR just in time! Thursday evening were usually spent in a wrestling match with my hubby for the remote, since he can’t stand Project Runway, but not any more now that we have three separate tuners with our Hopper DVR. I can’t wait to see what happens from here!