Project Runway All Stars: Having A Ball At The Opera

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  1. Marnifer says:

    This was another round of Mondo being robbed. In our opinion, he was the clear winner. Both the husband and I loved the ensemble, which made us think of an elegant Bond villainess.

    Four designers decided to go with ugly maternity shapes: Kara, Jerell, Rami & SweetPea. I put Rami and SweetPea in this category because they look like the sort of things for women in early pregnancy who are just starting to be large and wide. Rami’s folds make a very wide, weird and unflattering bodice. And was Jerell hoping to snag Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company as a client?

    The others: I loved Gordana’s, including the skirt; I didn’t find it looked unfinished at all. Definitely 20s. April had a neat idea but not enough time to make it look clean or intentional. Michael C’s is lovely. Mila’s is unoffensive – that’s almost a compliment. I did love Kenley’s, but all I could think was Barbie. It wasn’t opera by any means.

    Of the top 3, I’m disappointed Anthony didn’t win. His was my favorite after Mondo’s. I thought it was striking and beautiful and loved the goth flavor of the gloves and clutch. I found Austin’s to be boring and uninspired. The husband and I found ourselves so opposed to most of the judges opinions!