Project Accessory: Finale

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  1. Marnifer says:

    When I first saw Brian’s necklace, I thought he was purposefully trying to make white & black sheep — that’s all I see when I look at those styrofoam balls with the crystal “ears” and “feet” poking out. If he had been going for sheep shapes, I would almost like it, but pairing it with the ugly gold chain is one in a laundry list of terrible choices he makes. I didn’t like ANYTHING he did. My husband asked if he had scalped a muppet for that ugly fringe bracelet. The snakeskin handbag is almost cute, but it’s not new or interesting. I didn’t notice how ratty the shoes look; what I did focus on was the low cut of the front of the shoes which doesn’t cover the toe cleavage. I know he’s certainly not the first to do this, but I always think that looks stupid. The fact that he won this show for his consistently ugly work makes me question whether I’ll come back for another season.

    I wasn’t terribly impressed with Nina either. I liked the bags she made, but none of the jewelry. Still glad she got 2nd place!

    And Rich, oh Rich. How I love his aesthetic, and how badly he let himself be trampled by Diego! Diego has a shit attitude and is NOT a team player. His overbearing influence blanded Rich’s style. Diego is incapable of being the hired hand. I LOVED everything in Rich’s second outfit, even the belt. What you’re missing about the belt is that it’s actually purple — not that purple really matches any better, but the lighting in the show made it so it only appeared purple in one close shot, and everywhere else it looked badly brown. Other than that, I only really liked Rich’s dagger earrings and beach glass ring. Everything else was not up to his level of interesting.

    But still, Brian as the winner? Fail.

    • anibundel says:

      Oh I’m so glad you finally watched the finale so we can discuss this. I feel like the judges showed questionable judgement in this finale. Not that I think Rich should have won, I think his ouster at third was appropriate. But choosing Brian over Nina really made me question their taste level, and exactly what they think winning this show is exactly supposed to do for the winning party.

      I feel like this show didn’t properly define the goal it needed to be a stand alone production, and that by crowning someone who *on camera* admitted he was nothing more than a hustler, they undermined what borrowed credibility they had from their parent show.

      Still, it’s better than the “Models of the Runway” disaster. And it had some interesting moments. I would have liked to have seen better hat and shoe challenges, and more interesting body jewelry. I will tune in next season (if there is a next season), but I hold my reservations about these judges.