Project Accessory “Kenneth Cole Challenge”

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1 Response

  1. Marnifer says:

    I disagree about Christina’s stuff. I realize the envelope shape is intricate, but I hated the colors, found the bag overall boring, and the elastic closure looked to me as if the real thing broke off and you had to scrounge the house for a hair tie. Her earrings were equally boring and looked like a recycled idea she’s already sent down the runway.

    Whereas because I love love LOVE Nina’s necklace so much I don’t mind that she’s basically shown it once before.

    I found that I liked Brian’s bolo tie — didn’t look noose-y to me, though I see your point. The bag was a wtf. I like the unicorn horn shape in and of itself, but altogether as one the bag is definitely out of Bedrock and not in a way that works. I kept wondering how the hell you get into it. Does the horn unsnap or slide out? It just looked weird.

    I lurved Rich’s stuff. I would wear all of it. It’s a shame he definitely won’t make it to the finals. But, I will be looking for his web site and hoping I can afford any accessories…