Borders Firesale

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  1. Darth Thulhu says:

    You seem to be operating under some ignorance as to how liquidators run their liquidation sales, and some further ignorance as to whom is operating Borders right now.

    Borders is now owned and operated by Hilco liquidators, the same people who ran the liquidation sales of those stores that closed in Feb – April. Every single District Manager, Regional Manager, and Home Office person has been fired, effective Friday.

    The stores are now being run by a head liquidator and their original staff. All Cafe’s ceased operation immediately, as Seattle’s Best has no contract with the liquidators.

    All Cafe staff now work in the store. Every single person in every single store will be fired on the last day of operations, but if they want to collect unemployment, they need to hang on til then. If they quit prior to that, no unemployment for them.

    The liquidators don’t give a tinker’s damn what Amazon is charging. They paid $275 million dollars to dismember and sell the pieces of 400 retail stores, and have no intention of spending one thin dime they don’t have to. Hence: no AC. Hence: no plumbing. Hence: not one single % of discount they don’t have to offer.

    Magazines are 40% off because they are dated, and will not move in a month. DVD is low prestige, so it gets a bigger percentage. Books are at 10% because the store you were in had a line to the back wall at 10%, so they aren’t going to up it one bit until they have to. Everyone who buys it this week at 10% is an extra 10% of profit for Hilco.

    Borders died Thursday. Long live the liquidators.

    • anibundel says:

      Servicey! I was unaware of all of this. My friends were all marveling on FB that the “no AC” was company-wide. Now I know why.

      • Darth Thulhu says:

        Yeah … the liquidators don’t generally want to broadcast how mercenary they are and how shark-like they operate, so they hollow out their host’s brain like some sci-fi parasite and wear the body like a mask and puppet.

        People have better associations with “Ultra” and “Circuit City” and “Borders” than they do with some predatory fly-by-night company, so the predatory fly-by-night company keeps the face of the corpse-company fresh and on display.

        That said, cut the poor staff at the stores you see some slack. They have suddenly entered Gilded Age worker exploitation conditions, and until they line up another job they are trapped. They will get no severance; they will get no PTO reimbursed if they live in a right to work state; and if they want to get unemployment and unused vacation paid out, they have to toil on partial shifts without complaint for two months for predatory bosses in understaffed stores lacking AC and operative plumbing while thousands of inconsiderate vultures tear apart the disintegrating carcass of their workplace.

        Remember: one week ago all these people had jobs, but now they just have the shaft. They aren’t having a good day, week, month, nor year. Quite the opposite.

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